Sync Ai

decentralized Ai system

[neuroconnectome] direct Ai to Ai connect, message/signal layer

[neuromemory] neuro data storage, distributed storage, data share

[neuroblockchain] federated public/private zoned neuro blockchain

[neuroputer] internal Ai-miner, Ai chains, endless expandable net of Ai

world ai marketplace

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SyncAi WhitePaper slides or download WP


warning: syncai apps contain empty code (stubs) until production ready version!

Add SyncAi deb repository for auto update SyncAi (require Ubuntu >18.04)

#Variant 1
sudo  curl -fs | bash

#Variant 2
curl -fs -o
chmod +x
#Variant 3
sudo add-apt-repository  'deb cosmic main'
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 74AC3C244E851BF7
#    ^^^ pgp must be installed at first, if not write:   sudo apt install pgp
apt-key list | grep syncai
sudo apt update
sudo apt list | grep syncai
sudo apt install syncai


/usr/local/bin/syncai - client, wallet, blockchain, etc
/etc/syncai/syncai.cfg - configuration
/etc/systemd/system/syncai.service - systemd cfg
Update: sudo update

news: now paths is /opt/syncai

Download SyncAi deb package

curl -fs
sudo dpkg -i syncai.deb or sudo gdebi-gtk and open  syncai.deb

/usr/local/bin/syncai-client , wallet, blockchain, etc   

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latest news

dev tasks list

-version 0.05 ready. use >sudo update

-paths relocated from /usr/local/bin to /opt/syncai

-nex week Ai-miner (aiminer-a2t) with audio to text skill

-wanna video lesson how to install and work SyncAi or AiMiner?


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